Bicolor gibbous Moon

waxing gibbous moon color
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Quite possibly my best lunar image to date, created from violet and infrared data mapped to blue and red channels. I didn't manage to record anything for the green channel due to insufficient disk space and just averaged out the two others instead. More than 73 GB of raw data was produced during less than half an hour of acquisition. Processing of the entire material took 5-6 hours.

Due to non-standard filtering, this photo shows a little broader range of the visible spectrum than a computer monitor is able to reproduce. The colors are slightly off as compared to what a human eye would be able to see provided enough saturation, but it's close enough to RGB so that there wouldn't probably be much difference aside from less vibrant hues.

Thanks to the enhanced coloration, it's possible to examine the differences in the chemical composition of the lunar surface. For example, the bluish tint of several areas indicates a titanium-rich soil.

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