Gradient Mapper


Gradient Mapper is an image processing software written with the time-slice photography in mind. It allows custom compositioning of multiple photographs based on a selected gradient file. On the resulting image, "earlier" photographs will be positioned in regions corresponding to the darker shades of the gradient, whereas the most recent images will be associated with the brightest parts of the gradient.

gradient mapper example
Above: Sample image generated by Gradient Mapper. Photo credit


Using the program is just as easy as it gets:

  1. Launch gradient-mapper.exe.
  2. Select the group of source images you wish to process.
  3. Select the gradient image. The sample-gradients folder contains a number of common usage examples. You can also generate your own custom gradients with a preferred image processing software.
  4. Select the destination image format: JPEG, PNG or TIFF (either 8- of 16-bit).
  5. Click Save and select the output file name.

The folder sample-images contains a small group of photographs to play with, provided by Piotr Potępa:


Click here to download the program (45.5 MB).

This is a stand-alone application which doesn't require installation.

gradient mapper
Above: Yet another usage example. Photo credit

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